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Garage Door Repair Services

Since 1980, we’ve repaired hundreds of thousands of garage doors in the San Francisco Bay Area and continue to provide the best customer experience in the region. In fact, 350,000 customers (and counting) can vouch for us. Our team of professional service technicians can fix any garage door problem with precision to meet customer’s requirements. With tons of 5-star garage door repair reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook, you will see we are not an ordinary garage door repair company – we are THE garage door repair company you can trust for life.

Our Most Popular Garage Door Services

Right Way Garage Doors offers unbeatable repair services and makes your door as new as it was on the very first day. Components of the door work together to ensure smooth functioning, and if any of the parts gets corroded, blocked, or broken due to any reason, the consequence is a disrupted door. For any suspected part repair or replacement service, you can rely upon Right Way Garage door repair services entirely, and rest assured that your door is in safe hands. Some of the professional repair services we offer are:

Cables are the critical component that enables the door of your garage to slide down or move up its track. Damaged or broken cables can be a risk for your vehicle and family member as they can snap at any time, causing a life-endangering situation. If you have poorly maintained or very old garage door cables, it is high time you get them repaired or replaced. Contact us for a reliable garage door cable repair and replacement service.

Is your garage door off its track? Do not take this problem lightly and call up our expert Off-Track Garage door repair service. An off-track garage door could be an all-time risk whenever you open or close it. It can lose its balance and snap over anything in its way, causing severe damages to other parts of the door too. So, it is better to get it repaired before incurring a huge damage repair expense.

Did your garage door panel get subjected to a hit by a vehicle, or rough weather gushed into your garage and tore the panels? You do not need to replace the entire door for this. Our experts provide you with incredible garage door panel repair service, which would make your door as good as new. Contact us now for immediate service.

If your garage door pulls back in between the closing, takes time to move, or does not move at all, it could be a sign of a faulty garage door opener. Due to constant use over time or inadequate maintenance, door openers can be worn off. Contact Right Way for the best door opener repair service. We offer the best garage door opener repair and replacement service by experienced technicians on board.

Springs are the most crucial element of a garage door that ensure its smooth movement. By any chance, if your door springs break, they can be highly hazardous for anyone around. If you notice an unbalanced and shaky movement of your garage door with an unusually loud noise, the suspected hindrance could be the faulty springs. Right Way masters in every garage door repair service, so contact us for a reliable spring repair or replacement.

Have you been experiencing a screechy and disrupted movement of your garage door? The reason could be its old or damaged rollers. Right Way knows the importance of rollers for an undisturbed door movement. That is why we have experts on board who provide seamless garage door roller repair and replacement service. Contact us now for an immediate survey and restoration if you suspect a roller problem with the door of your garage.

Additional Garage Door Repair Services

  • Safety Sensor Adjustment
  • Bent Garage Door Track Replacement
  • Garage Door Remote Replacement
  • Garage Door Drum Replacement
  • Broken Garage Door Cable Replacement
  • Garage Door Strut Installation & Replacement
  • Door Hinge Replacement
  • Garage Door Keypad Replacement

Professionals To Fix Your Garage Door

Our group of garage door repair specialists has served the Bay Area for more than 40 years and has extensive information concerning the engineering part of Garage doors. This information has been a trustworthy source of fine craftsmanship. We have an eye for refined sophistication; thus, you can track down nobody better in business than Right Way regarding meeting customer’s prerequisites and creative minds. We dominate in repairing garage doors precisely to withstand any weather and impromptu faults.

So, if you ever face any problem with your garage door, call us, and we will schedule an expert survey of your property right away. Our technicians will have a detailed examination of your property and then assist you regarding the best choice for your garage. Our team is readily available to handle any queries regarding the doors and their repairs.


Does your Garage door get stuck in between? Or does it take too long to move? Does the thought of stepping out of your house and facing that persistent garage door issue gets annoyed and hesitant? But you do not need to shake your monthly budget to replace the garage door. Right Way garage door repair professionals save you from the new door expenditure.

Broken panels, bent panels, faulty openers, snapped door springs, loosen belts, distorted rollers, rusted tracks, broken cables, corroded hinges, misaligned or weak sensors, or any other problem, you name it. Right Way specializes in every aspect of garage door and has technicians who are experts in their departments to provide exceptional repair services.

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We Are a Licensed Contractor

And we are NOT a garage door repair call center!

You will find lots of companies that have local contractors on board. Such companies generate leads and outsource the work to those contractors. This procedure decreases the reliability of the service in terms of work, money, durability, and customer satisfaction. Right Way does not follow such business-gaining tactics.

At Right Way, our motto is to provide the best value for money to customers. That is why we believe in first-hand work. Our company is a licensed contractor of garage doors with over 50 expert door technicians on board. We belong to the largest garage door association in the USA, the International Door Association, and maintain our State of California Contractor’s License in the A+ category.

Right Way is your easy escape from extended expenses of replacing the whole door because of minor defects like broken panels, bent doors, broken cables, off-track doors, etc. We have the finest technicians in business for years and can handle every garage door repair with extreme precision.

We keep our work completely transparent and have a certified license to provide assurance to customers of our reliable service, which is unmatched. We are authentic contractors and do not have local subsidiaries onboard for outsourcing. You can reach Right Way directly by contacting on given contact details, and we respond to your queries with immediate assistance.

Watch our Expert Recommended "How To DIY" videos

Constant use of garage door makes it subjected to numerous minor issues that do not really require professional help. We believe in providing effective solutions for our customers to reduce their expenses as much as possible. That is why we made our experts make DIY videos for you to detect minor issues with your garage door and fix it yourself at home with least or no expenditure. Watch these highly recommended and informative videos and be your own garage door specialist. At any point you need professional assistance, you can contact us and

Service Locations

We service every city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our two strategic locations allow us to send our technicians to help you with all your garage door issues. Our fleet of trucks are stocked daily with the most common garage door repair parts so that when you call, we are able to schedule your appointment and get the job done. If you are searching for the perfect garage door, we offer a complimentary in-home design consultation, or you can visit one of our two showrooms located in Vacaville and Hayward, CA.

We service the entire Bay Area Region

Right Way has sufficient employees to provide its splendid garage door repair services throughout the Bay Area Region. But that does not mean we compromise on the quality of work and attention to every client. We provide completely personalized service, and our technicians are truly devoted to the projects they are assigned. If you want to visit our showrooms, we are present in three strategic locations of the bay area: Hayward, Vacaville, and Gresham. And following are the areas we cover in the Bay Area:

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