Smart Garage Door Openers

New garage door openers have advanced safety and security features that take garage door operation to a whole new level. Schedule an appointment with one of our highly rated Service Pros and they’ll educate you on the different options and will even be able to install the opener before they leave. Get it done…the Right Way!


California Garage Door Opener Laws Keep You Safe In An Emergency

California Senate Bill 969, enacted on July 1, 2019, requires all new garage door openers installed in the state must have battery backup functionality, allowing it to be used in power outages. In addition, when a garage door is replaced, it is recommended to update your opener if it is not equipped with battery-backup. Right Way Garage Doors cares about the safety of our customers and offer the industry-leading garage door openers for every residential garage door application. 

Our Industry-Leading Garage Door Openers

Right Way Garage Doors carries top of the line garage door openers, offering you advanced controls with reliable functionality, and battery backup power. Our knowledgable staff is ready to help you find the perfect opener for you and your garage door.

LiftMaster 81602

Industrial-strength chain drive motor provides smooth and quiet operation. Equipped with MyQ® technology for smartphone control, next generation Wifi and Bluetooth technology for advanced smart home integration.

LiftMaster 84504R

LiftMaster 84504R

One of the most advanced garage door openers on the market, the LiftMast 84504R is equipped with Secure View™ ultra-quiet, belt-drive, smart opener with video camera, dual LED lighting and built-in WIfi for smartphone control with the MyQ app.

LiftMaster 87504

LiftMaster 87504

A modern garage door opener for the modern home. Secure View™ ultra-quiet, belt-drive, smart opener with video camera, Corner-to-Corner LED lighting and built-in WIfi for smartphone control with the MyQ app. Amazon Key enabled.

LiftMaster 87802

LiftMaster 87802

Heavy duty chain drive smart opener with Corner-to-Corner LED lighting and battery backup. Equipped with next-generation Wifi and Bluetooth technology for smartphone control using MyQ app. Amazon Key enabled.

LiftMater 98022

LiftMaster 98022

This sleek, space-saving design mounts on the wall beside your garage door, freeing up ceiling space. Comes fully equipped with Security+ 2.0®, MyQ® Technology, and the Timer-to-Close system. This is a crème de la crème of garage door openers.

LiftMaster LA400UL

LiftMaster LA400UL

Residential linear actuator used for automating our premium handcrafted custom swing carriage garage doors. Equipped with battery backup, and seamlessly integrates with LiftMaster Access Control Technology for automation.

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