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Modern Wood Garage Door

As new home construction and renovations evolve and implement modern wood design and architecture, garage doors specifically made with modern design attributes will be needed. Our Modern Wood garage door showcases clean horizontal boards without overlay, allowing a gorgeous contemporary wood garage door to shine through.

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Modern Wood Garage Door Gallery

RW Garage Doors Modern Rib Panel, Long Panel Obscure Glass Windows

RW Garage Doors Modern Flush panel Wood Garage Door, Long Panel Frost WIndows

RW Garage Doors Ribbed Panel, Modern Wood Garage Door

2019 RW Carriage House Collection Catalog


  • Build Your Dream Carriage Garage Door Step-by-Step!
  • Each Carriage Design Style w/ Full Gallery of Transformations!
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Durable Construction

Every wood piece used in the building process is handpicked and scrutinized, ensuring the highest quality woods for a premium build. We only use the highest rated woods for your custom wood garage door. Each premium piece of wood is first allowed to adjust to the Bay Area's ambient atmosphere and climate before it is used in the building process. By allowing this natural acclimation to occur, it prevents premature warping, bending, flexing, and cracking at vital joints in your custom wood garage door. Every wood piece is sanded down in multiple stages prior to being assembled for a smooth fit and finish. After the pieces are compiled and the door has been built, our craftsmen then sand the door by hand, getting into all the grooves, corners, nooks and cranny's for a premium finish. If using environmentally conscious wood products is your choice, we help accomplish staying green by using a revolutionary wood composite product that is manufactured without the use of Urea Formaldehyde (known to cause cancer), and is injected with Zinc Borate which provides protection against termites. This premium composite wood also resists moisture and rot.

Western Red Cedar

  • All cedar is adapted to our local Bay Area atmosphere through a process that minimizes excess moisture.
  • Properly treated and maintained, Western Red Cedar can last upwards of over 70 years.
  • Clear (Grade A or better) or Knotty (Select Tight Knot) wood options are available
  • Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that resist moisture, insects and decay

MDO Base w/ Extira Trim

  • Extira is a solid composite wood that will not delaminate and is highly resistant to moisture, rot, decay and termites
  • Superior overlay and panel performance compared to other carriage doors that use standard plywood.

Precision Hand Crafted Garage Doors

Every piece of wood is individually sanded, milled and squared to reveal the most beautiful portion of the wood. After fine precision cuts are made, the wood then goes through another process of fine sanding and milling that provide our master wood craftsmen with furniture quality wood to use for your carriage house garage door project.


As your carriage house garage door moves through the build process, every piece is hand sanded for further refinement. Each carriage house door we produce is one of a kind and the personal touch and craftsmanship truly make our doors unlike any other. The superior quality can be seen felt and enjoyed for generations.

Design your custom door

Do you have a custom garage door design that you do not see? No worries! We can build any door with your specifications. Here are a few photos of fully custom doors that we've built. Whether they are oversized, a detailed design layout, or a fully custom design and overlay, we are the premier custom garage door manufacturer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Earth Friendly Company

Our wood doors are handcrafted using responsibly sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly wood products. In addition, our manufacturing facility is fully powered by efficient solar panels that help decrease our overall carbon footprint. We are not only passionate about our custom wood doors, but we are also passionate about being environmentally conscious and promoting a greener future for the next generation.

Duragrade Door Construction

1/2" Extira

1/2" Extira Flush

1 1/2" Insulation

1 1/2" Finger Jointed

Extira Wood

Construction features

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Stain grade door construction

1x6 Wood tounge
& Groove

1x6 Wood Overlay

1/4" Luan Backing

4 layer construction

Western Red Cedar

Premium hand crafted perfection

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