7 Tips to Prepare your Garage Door for Winter

Winter is right around the corner, which means that the effects of cold weather will begin soon. Michigan homeowners know that there are many tasks to complete before the snow and ice arrive, whether it’s finishing up summer projects or cleaning out the gutters to avoid issues during the freezing months.  If you want to […]

7 Ways to Heat Your Garage in the Winter

Many of us consider our garages to be more than just a place to park our cars and store old junk. They serve as our workstations, allowing us to pursue our hobbies and DIY dreams. However, this does not always imply that they are the best location.   When winter arrives, it can get very cold […]

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter

garage door maintenance tips for winter

Prepare Ahead of Time As snowstorms, deep freezes, and bone-chilling temperatures sweep across Northern California and the Bay Area, you may feel compelled to wrap up in blankets and stay inside for the next few months. Don’t forget about your garage doors as the temperatures drop and you begin making changes to keep your home […]

What Makes Carriage House Garage Doors Great  

carriage house garage doors

Our collection of handcrafted carriage house garage doors differs from standard wood garage doors in several ways. Before being accepted, each piece of wood used in your custom build is carefully selected at our source mill and then further examined when it gets to our manufacturing facility. Our build process results in a substantially stronger […]

7 Features of a Safe Garage Door System 

safe garage door system

Lightweight Even the strongest insulated double steel doors typically weigh 150 to 200 lbs., which is less than half as much as the wood or hardboard doors they replace. Additionally, even if the springs are appropriately tensioned, weight is not a problem. Nevertheless, all springs eventually deteriorate and fail. Pinch-resistant The most common garage door […]

3 Reasons Why A Modern Garage Door is Right for Your Home 

Are you looking to replace your home’s garage door? Modern garage doors are one of the most popular styles today because they work well with any kind of home. You can’t go wrong with modern garage doors, whether you’re building a traditional farmhouse or a mid-century modern ranch home. Let’s look at the advantages of […]

3 Common Garage Door Problems You Can Fix in Minutes

It’s a big hassle when your garage door isn’t functioning properly. And while it may be tempting to try to repair it yourself in order to save time and money, some repairs can only be carried out by a garage door specialist who has the necessary equipment and training. How do you decide whether to […]

Does Your Garage Door Needs Repairing or Replacing?

Repair or Replace — Narrowing the Decision  How long does the typical garage door last? With the proper maintenance, a garage door can last for roughly 30 years on average. A windstorm may have thrown debris at your door and damaged several panels, or your freshly licensed teenage driver may have inadvertently backed into the […]

5 Reasons Why You should have Automatic Garage Doors

People are constantly in awe of science and technology thanks to advancements that make daily jobs easier. Modern automatic garage doors that are operated by a remote are one well example. You may get these automatic doors installed and forget those laborious days of closing and opening your garage by hand.  From a security perspective, […]

6 Garage Door Styles for Everyone

garage door styles for everyone

Garage doors, which combine functionality and aesthetic, are essential to your home’s overall appeal and daily life. Given the importance of the matter, choosing the best garage door for your house requires careful consideration of all factors. We’ve compiled the top style choices for your future garage door in this guide. 1. Paneled Design Garage […]

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