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7 Features of a Safe Garage Door System 


Even the strongest insulated double steel doors typically weigh 150 to 200 lbs., which is less than half as much as the wood or hardboard doors they replace. Additionally, even if the springs are appropriately tensioned, weight is not a problem. Nevertheless, all springs eventually deteriorate and fail.


The most common garage door injury is a finger that gets smashed, or even amputated, when it’s caught between sections as the door moves. Look for a door that includes pinch-resistant section designs to assist prevent these mishaps.

Containment Cables

Old extension springs can cause damage to vehicles and can cause injuries when they break, turning into heavy whips. Manufacturers now provide containment cables that pass through the middle of side-mounted extension springs to address the whipping issue. Make sure the extension springs have these containment cables or have them installed by a professional if you have extension springs and don’t intend to replace your door.

Safe Automatic Door Openers

Now, all automatic door openers are required to feature both photoelectric eyes near the floor on both sides of the door and an auto-reversing mechanism. The door will automatically reverse if the beam between the eyes is broken as it closes. The door won’t open if the eyeballs aren’t linked.

Securely Mounted Hardware and Rails

Rails and hardware that are firmly mounted. Brackets for the torsion springs must to be tightly fastened to the wooden header above the door. The opener and the roller track support brackets must be firmly attached to the rafters.

Annual Maintenance

Make sure all nuts and bolts on rails and rollers are tightly tightened on a yearly basis. Make sure none of the wires are worn out or frayed by inspecting their condition. Apply a garage door lubricant to the rollers and springs. The door should open and close easily and be balanced correctly. By turning off the opener and lowering the door halfway, you may check the balance. The door should stay in place. If not, change the springs or adjust the spring tension.

Opener Switch Location

Children like to play with automatic door openers. To prevent them from doing this, mount any opener switches at least 5 ft. above the floor.

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