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What Makes Carriage House Garage Doors Great  

Our collection of handcrafted carriage house garage doors differs from standard wood garage doors in several ways. Before being accepted, each piece of wood used in your custom build is carefully selected at our source mill and then further examined when it gets to our manufacturing facility. Our build process results in a substantially stronger carriage house garage door that matches exquisite artisan woodwork owing to the time, attention, and craftsmanship we apply.

Durable Construction

Each piece of wood used in the construction process is hand-selected and carefully inspected, providing the best woods for an elevated structure. For your custom wood garage door, we only utilize the highest quality woods. Before being employed in the construction process, each quality piece of wood is given time to acclimate to the climate and ambient atmosphere of the Bay Area. Your custom wood garage door won’t warp, bend, flex, or crack at crucial points if you let this natural acclimatization take place. Prior to assembly, each piece of wood is sanded several times for a seamless fit and finish.

Our professionals sand the door by hand for a premium finish after the pieces are assembled and the door has been constructed. They make sure to get into all the grooves, corners, and other crevices. If you choose to use ecologically friendly wood goods, we can assist you in doing so by employing a cutting-edge wood composite product that is produced without the use of urea formaldehyde (known to cause cancer) and is injected with zinc borate, which offers termite protection. Additionally, this high-quality composite wood resists rot and dampness.


To reveal the most beautiful part of the wood, each piece is painstakingly sanded, machined, and squared. The wood is put through a second process of fine sanding and milling after the precise cuts are done to provide our expert woodworkers wood of furniture quality to use for your carriage house garage door project.


Every component of your carriage house garage door is sanded by hand for further perfection as it is constructed. Each carriage house door we build is unique, and the attention to detail and craftsmanship definitely set our doors apart from all others. For years, people have appreciated and observed the outstanding quality.

Earth Friendly Company

Our wood doors are made by hand from sustainably harvested, environmentally friendly wood. Further reducing our overall carbon impact, our production plant is fully powered by effective solar panels. We are passionate not only about our custom wood doors but also about protecting the environment and fostering a more sustainable future for the next generation.

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