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Wood vs. Steel: Choosing a Garage Door Material 

Your choice of the material that the manufacturer will use to create the panel for your new garage door is among the most crucial choices you will have to make. Most garage doors are made of steel or wood, while aluminum is starting to gain popularity, especially in coastal areas that deal with a lot of humidity and salt air conditions. 

Steel and wood, which both have several advantages over aluminum, PVC, and fiberglass, are often the two best materials for garage doors. The decision between steel and wood depends more on your own preferences and budget than it does on the advantages and disadvantages of each material. 

Wooden Garage Doors 

Wood and wood composite garage doors can be categorized separately, making up two different groups of wooden garage doors. Although both are made of wood, the two are assembled differently, which results in pretty noticeable variances in terms of quality and appearance. 

Wood composite doors, according to home improvement expert Bob Vila, are “a wood frame covered with sheets of fiberboard,” whereas wood garage doors are “are built with layers, or plies, to prevent warping.” As a result, the main distinction between the two is the use of fiberboard as opposed to wood from a particular kind of tree. 

The density of the fiberboard surface that gives a wood composite door its typical wood appearance is a major determinant of the door’s quality. Grooves, knots, and other natural wood characteristics create the appearance that the door is constructed of lumber. 

Those who want to install a non-composite garage door have a variety of wood varieties to pick from. Plywood is a cheap alternative that enables homeowners to create a beautiful wood door at a lower cost. On the other end of the price spectrum, mahogany is a pricey choice but provides a dramatic color and design that other varieties of wood are unable to match. 

Your choice of wood will depend on your preferences for style, price, and door usability. When seeking for lighter panels, redwood is a better high-end option because dense woods like mahogany may be rather hefty. 

A remarkable outcome can also be achieved with less expensive woods. Because of its strength and durability as well as its attractive, natural grain, douglas fir is frequently used in construction. Another excellent option is cedar since it naturally resists the rot, insects, dampness, and decay that devastate other types of wood.  

Steel Garage Doors 

Steel is another excellent material for your garage door. Although this material can’t match wood in terms of natural beauty, it can be coated and treated in a way to give the illusion of a wood surface. You save money while getting a similar aesthetic as a consequence. 

Steel is significantly more durable than aluminum, which easily dents and warps, and much easier to maintain than wood, which frequently needs annual treatment and finishing to keep it from degrading quickly. Given that stainless steel is sensitive to rust and corrosion if it is scratched or dented, it is important to keep an eye out for any surface damage. 

Steel garage doors may be painted, designed, welded, and formed into all the same designs as a wooden garage door, despite the fact that some people may think wood is the more adaptable material. To obtain the required appearance, steel can alternatively be coated and attached with some form of vinyl covering. 

You should look out for the manufacturing process when purchasing a steel door. The better doors are often made from two layers of galvanized steel. A composite material or a fortified finish that preserves the integrity of the steel should be applied to the steel door’s exterior layer. 

Wood vs. steel – which garage door is for you? 

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of steel and wood garage doors, you’ll see that both options provide excellent strength and longevity while letting homeowners select a style that blends in with the exterior of their house. To prevent rot and rust from shortening the panel’s lifespan and destroying the appearance of the garage door, care must be given with both materials. 

Typically, steel doors are appreciated for their affordability and diversity of appearance, while wood doors are prized for their natural beauty and capacity to insulate. For wooden garage doors, you might want to explore your options for a custom wood garage door. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at Right Way Garage Doors for consultation. 

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