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How to Create Your Custom Wood Garage Door 

While most garage door manufacturers are producing minor modifications on the same old designs, Right Way Garage Doors is taking a fresh approach. Each bespoke wood garage door we make has the potential to be absolutely one-of-a-kind and made to the client’s exact specifications. You may take significant steps to guarantee that every square inch of your home is constructed to the greatest standards of quality and architectural luxury by installing quality custom garage doors produced by our trained craftsmen. 

To ensure that your custom wood garage doors have the exact appearance you desire, our designers will collaborate directly with you. You will have total authority over the design process, including the option to: 

Architectural Design: We deal with a wide range of popular architectural designs found in Northern California. Our expertise spans many architectural eras, enabling us to assist with both historical reconstruction projects that feature traditional architectural forms like the traditional Farmhouse and brand-new homes with modern or contemporary architecture. 

Door Type: Single and double wide garage doors, custom sizes and shapes, including doors with rounded tops, are some of the elements we can customize for you. Additionally, we are experts in both real swing-open carriage style garage doors and faux carriage doors that can roll up. 

Material: All of our custom wood garage doors are constructed using high-quality materials, primarily beautiful natural wood from sustainable sources. Reclaimed or salvaged wood can also be used to make doors. Our wood doors are handcrafted using responsibly sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly wood products. In addition, our manufacturing facility is powered by efficiently solar panels that help decrease our overall carbon footprint. 

Windows and Trim: Naturally, the size and location of any windows and decorative wood trim on your custom wood garage doors are both up to you. 

 Ready to Commission Your Custom Wood Garage Doors? 

To begin the process of creating your custom wood garage doors, contact Right Way Garage Doors. 

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