Does Your Garage Door Needs Repairing or Replacing?

Repair or Replace — Narrowing the Decision 

How long does the typical garage door last? With the proper maintenance, a garage door can last for roughly 30 years on average. A windstorm may have thrown debris at your door and damaged several panels, or your freshly licensed teenage driver may have inadvertently backed into the garage door. 

In any event, should your garage door be replaced? Or should it be fixed? The answer could change depending on several variables. 

 1.Types of Garage Door Damage

Your garage door may merely be cosmetically harmed, or its performance may be seriously jeopardized. 

Minor: Sometimes visual damage to your garage door does not compromise its structural reliability or functionality. Your door may have faded or chipped paint, a noticeable crack, or all three. You’ll typically get more value out of mending the door than replacing it if the damage is only cosmetic. 

Moderate: Your garage door may occasionally sustain damage that goes beyond just cosmetics and compromises the structural soundness of the door. For instance, a corroded or warped door won’t function as well as it previously did. If your garage door has structural damage, you’ll likely want to look into having the door replaced. 

Serious: You might want to consider replacing your door with a brand-new, functional one if the damage is so serious that it can no longer open and close as it should. A new door is probably necessary if your current one gets stuck, produces a terrible screaming noise while opening and closing, only occasionally opens and shuts, or won’t open at all. Making sure the issue isn’t a straightforward one, like merely needing a new battery or a fresh set of springs, is always a good idea. 

 2.The Extent of the Damage

The best course of action is probably to look into a repair job if your door only has one small problem, like paint that is flaking. But if your door has many problems, like damaged panels, a screeching sound, and a laborious, jerky motion, it might be time to consider an improvement. Getting a strong new replacement door is a great method to ensure that your home and family have the best safety possible if your door is so severely compromised that it offers a serious security risk to your home. 


The choice between garage door repair and replacement may also depend on cost. Getting a new door is unquestionably your best alternative if the expected cost to repair your old garage door turns out to be higher than the cost of a new door, much like with a totaled car. There are several affordable alternatives to the luxury types if you’re looking for replacement solutions that won’t break the bank. 

 4.The Age of the Door

If your garage door is between 10 and 20 years old and only has minor damage, you might want to think about replacing it. A worn-out door will probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Therefore, it might not be worthwhile to spend money on repairs for a door that is in need of replacement. Even if the extent of the damage doesn’t necessarily call for it, replacing your older door can still have additional advantages, such as a more contemporary appearance or a garage door that better complements the design of your house. 

Looking for garage door repair nearby? 

Whether you are interested in garage door repair or replacement, Right Way Garage Doors does a full range of garage door services for homeowners in California. We’re here to help homeowners every step of the way with garage door replacement, repair, and maintenance throughout the lifespan of their garage door. Looking for custom wood garage door repairs? Call us at (877) 479-3667 to get that started or request a quote. 

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