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Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open 

Your garage door may not be opening properly for a number of different reasons. You might need to repair all or part of your garage door opener if it malfunctions or the door won’t fully open. Contact a professional garage door company that is familiar with the door manufacturer to fix a garage door that won’t open. 

Understanding why your garage door won’t open is necessary before you can learn how to fix a garage door opener. The following are a few of the most typical causes of a garage door that won’t open: 


  1. Photo Eye Is Blocked, Dirty, or Misaligned


    The safety sensor on the garage door is the photo eye. Its responsibility is to identify anyone or anything blocking the door. There can be a problem with the picture eye if you notice a light flashing from the garage door opener and hear clicking noises.

    Since photo eyes are delicate, there are many potential causes for alignment issues. Clean the camera’s lens since debris and dust can occasionally block the sensor, causing the garage door to become stuck. The photo eye is set up to react immediately to any blockage in the way of the garage door as a safety precaution.

    If the photo eye recognizes anything in its way — even as small as a speck of dust or debris — the garage door will stay open. Clean the photo eye with a cloth or a tissue and test the garage door. 

  1. Track Is Not Properly Aligned


    The cables literally move the door when the automatic garage door opener engages, and the strings regulate its speed. The operating system runs more smoothly thanks to the metal tracks that keep the garage door in place. In order for the garage door to open and close, the tracks must always be level and straight.

    It’s possible that a slanted door that jerks or makes grinding noises fell off the track. The garage door can stop working as the misalignment gets worse over time. 

  1. Broken Torsion Springs


    One of the most frequent causes of a garage door not opening is a broken spring. The mechanical energy that governs the movement of the garage door is stored in the tension springs. The tension springs may become weaker with use, which could result in the garage door not functioning.

    Use caution when inspecting your garage door if the tension springs are broken. A garage door weights more than 200 pounds, so if you attempt to fix it yourself, you run the risk of damaging the door or hurting yourself. Broken tension strings on garage doors can cause them to suddenly drop, endangering you and your family.

    To replace your garage door springs, contact a qualified garage door inspector. Professionals in garage doors have the right skills and equipment to complete the task safely. 

  1. Broken or unconnected remote control


    The wall-mounted panel or a remote control are both used to operate an automatic garage door. You only need to press a button on the panel or the remote control to open your garage door. The garage door opener receives a signal from the remote control to open or close the garage.

Have Right Way Garage Doors Team inspect, repair, or replace your garage. 

Additionally, we offer commercial garage door servicing to Northern Californian business owners with garage doors. Contact us right away to schedule a garage door repair service or to ask for an estimate if your garage door is giving you trouble. You can reach our Vacaville or Hayward office at (877)479-3667 for urgent assistance. 

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