purchasing a wooden garage door

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wood Garage Door 

Custom wood doors can add a beautiful and inviting design detail to your home. However, they require some maintenance and require that you take a few other things into account. Are you unsure whether one of our unique, all-wood garage doors is the best choice for your house? See the points we have considered below.

DESIGN: Wood Species and Color Options

Do you have an idea of the color and design of the door you want? If you’ve found an inspiration photo or if you want to match other woodwork in your home, you’ll want to know which species of wood will be the basis for the look you like. Every type of wood has a distinctive grain pattern and takes stain treatments differently. Our team can look through your concepts and assist you in choosing the wood species and finishing style required to create the door of your dreams.

LOCATION: Garage Door Direction & Environment

Is your custom wood door going to have lots of sun exposure? Are there gutters on your home to keep water out? Knowing the exposure and where the door will be placed on the house will help our experts choose the best wood species, finish, and upkeep to ensure the most lifetime. Southern and western exposures may test the limits of finishes, especially for darker stains, and will require maintenance more frequently than those on the north and east sides. Houses near water may require more frequent maintenance, as those usually lack eave overhangs or gutters, which leave a door less sheltered from the weather. Water can also have an impact on doors.

It’s important to maintain your wood door. A basic guideline is to apply a maintenance clear coat every 12 to 24 months. Let your door be the judge of when it requires a maintenance clear coat; when the door loses much of its vibrancy, it’s time to apply a clear coat. Furthermore, it’s important to preserve the integrity of the clear coat, often known as the “sheen of defense,” to ensure that the weather doesn’t eat into the stain. The timing on this will vary depending on climate conditions, which direction the door is facing, water exposure, etc. If you apply the maintenance clear coat on a regular basis, you shouldn’t need to re-stain your door.


The way your garage door is built is crucial. High-end components and skilled workmanship equate to perfection in look and durability. Our goal is to prevent your wood door from warping or bowing as it endures the corrosive effects of cold winters and hot, humid summers, and our years of knowledge enable us to make doors that are stunning for many generations.

The lifetime of the door and the comfort and wear and tear on the interior of your garage are both impacted by proper insulation, which is another important consideration.

Our bespoke wood carriage style garage doors can become the focal point of your house when ordinary just won’t do, increasing its value and curb appeal. Right Way Garage Door will go above and beyond to deliver you an unmatched range of custom-built wooden garage doors, whether you are wanting to complement a lakeside cottage, recreate a vintage property, rebuild your family home, or finish a new house.

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