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How to Install a Roll-Up Garage Door 

The installation of a roll-up garage door involves safety measures as well as certain materials, tools, and procedures. Check out our comprehensive guide to building a roll-up garage door and the step-by-step directions for installing a roll-up garage door. 

You might need the following equipment for this installation: 

  • Tape measure, levelling tool 
  • Drills 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Center punch 
  • Wrenches 
  • Vise grips 
  • C-clamps, torque wrench 
  • Large pipe wrench 
  • Channel lock pliers 
  • Hammer 
  • Electric drill 
  • Masonry drill or impact hammer 
  • Chain hoist and sling 
  • Scaffolding 


Step 1: Check the Roll Up Garage Door Opening 

Accurately measuring the garage door opening is essential for your installation. To achieve this, be certain that you: 

  • Compare the door’s size to the dimensions of the wall opening.
  • Check that the door opening’s head and foot are level.
  • Make sure door jambs are plumb.
  • Check if the track is parallel to the opening.
  • Inspect each installation component.

Step 2: Put Door and Parts in Place 

The installation components must be positioned in the door opening along with the door panels. How to do it: 

  • In order to prevent the curtain from being damaged or scratched, clean the floor. 
  • Place the left track on the ground with the bottom of the track against the left door jamb and the inner top of the structure, perpendicular to the entrance. On the right side of the frame, repeat this action. 
  • All of the hardware should be put on the proper sides. 

 Step 3: Install the Brackets 

When installing a roll-up garage door, the brackets that hold the panels in place must be fitted securely: 

  • Ensure that the short legend of the bracket is facing up.
  • The ratchet wheel must be free of the tensioner pawl.
  • Where the hooks may be put, the track and the bracket should be lined up.
  • Align the bracket and track until the locking tab can fit into the bracket’s notch.

 Step 4: Raise the Roll Up Door Assembly 

Once the brackets and track fit together, it needs to get raised into position at the top of the door frame for installation. This step requires two people for proper installation (or replacement.) 

  • The bottom tracks should be resting facing the door jambs 
  • Pivot around the jambs as you raise the roll up assembly into position 

Step 5: Attach Tracks and Brackets to Jambs 

The door jambs may now be installed with the track and brackets. Use a level to check the position again. 

  • To secure the brackets and tracks to the jambs, use fasteners.
  • Ensure that the gap between the brackets’ front and back is at least one inch.
  • The jamb should be in the center of the brackets.
  • If the door opening’s jambs are composed of various materials, you will want extra heavy-duty fasteners. The types of fasteners required for steel, concrete or filled block, and wood are listed in the table below.

Step 6: Set the Spring Tension 

The spring has to be adjusted to the right tension once the door panels are mounted on the brackets. 

  • Adjust the tension on the door by rotating it. about 1.5 rotations.
  • Keep in mind that the spring should be turned so that the door slides through the bottom tracks downward.

 Step 7: Secure Head Stop to Tracks 

When the roll-up garage door is open, the head prevents it from going too far and forcefully into the casing that holds the coiled panels. It should be fastened to the track. 

  • Each track’s interior has a release for the head stop.
  • Use a hex screw to fasten the head stop to the track.

Step 8: Install Stop Clips, Handles, and Rope 

The roll up garage door opener that must be installed includes stop clips, handles, and rope. 

  • Attach the stop clip at the inside bottom of each bar using a carriage bolt and nut.
  • Use carriage bolts and nuts to attach the handles to the bottom bar on the exterior.
  • Thread the rope through the hole in the middle of the bottom bar angle’s horizontal leg.

 Need Professional Help? 

Roll-up garage door installation instructions are straightforward but require multiple people to do correctly Additionally, your measurements must be accurate and level since the door is being pulled up into a coil at the top of the door jab. Finally, without the appropriate tools, pulling the bulky door assembly into position is not conceivable. 

In order to remove outdated garage doors and accurately install your roll-up garage door the first time, Right Way Garage Doors has the expertise and tools required. Our reasonable prices, first-rate components, and skilled and knowledgeable specialists prioritize safety and aid in your avoidance of harm. 

Roll up garage doors can be installed by the homeowner, but it is preferable to rely on the experts at Right Way Garage Doors. Call us today!  

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