types of wood for garage doors

9 Types of Wood for your Custom Garage Door 

When creating your own custom wood garage door, you will choose a type of wood. Types of wood for garage doors can range in thickness, quality, and weight.

Here are a few types of wood garage doors that are commonly used:

Plywood: The least expensive and most straightforward form of wood door is plywood. It might have an outer wooden skin for a nicer-looking outward appearance. Due to its thinness, plywood could have some foam insulation.

Red Oak: After plywood, red oak is the wood that is most reasonably priced. Red oak is strong, hefty, and exceptionally resilient to shock and impact. Additionally, its grain pattern is attractive, appealing, and readily takes wood dyes.

White Oak: Like red oak, white oak is tough, long-lasting, and tolerant of wood stains. Its hues range from pale brown to white.

Alder: Despite not being widely known, this wood is distinguished by its numerous knots and consistent hue. Alder has a rustic appearance that complements a log cabin style house.

Mahogany: This is a popular choice for wooden garage doors because it is both attractive and strong. This wood can be finished quickly and is simple to work with. It also has a rich, appealing texture. Large panels may be created that won’t warp, split, or sag, thanks to its strength and rigidity. Additionally, it naturally resists moisture and pests. While bleaching is an option, many homeowners like the wood’s original red tones.

Cedar: Like mahogany, cedar is a preferred material for wooden garage doors because it is pest and moisture resistant. Additionally, in any temperature, humidity, or weather conditions, it is unlikely to distort or crack. Because cedar is a permeable wood, your garage door opener will have an easier time opening it. Additionally, it offers superior soundproofing and insulation. With cedar, you have a lot of finishing options. You may choose from a number of stains and paints, or you can leave it unpainted for a more rustic, aged appearance.

Spanish Cedar: Spanish cedar is a wood that resists rot, degradation, and pests very well. It has a mahogany-like appearance and a pleasant aroma.

Redwood: Redwood is among the priciest building materials available for garage doors. To reduce the possibility of warping due to heat and moisture, it has multiple layers of wood. It can be stained or painted.

Reclaimed Wood: This material is popular right now as it offers a fantastic way to give your door a unique appearance. Reclaimed wood has two special advantages: it may be obtained without requiring the removal of any trees, and it has already undergone extensive usage and aging.

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