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RW Garage Doors has the perfect door to add immediate value while maximizing the curb appeal of your home. With options in traditional steel, modern steel, modern glass and our very own handcrafted custom wood garage doors, you have hundreds of design and style options at your fingertips. Plus, we aren't too hard on your wallet with our 110% Price Match Guarantee.

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Custom Wood

Swing Carriage

Traditional Steel Garage Doors | Overview

From Standard to Stylish

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Traditional steel garage doors have come a long way in terms of design styles, color options, window choices and add-on hardware. There are more types of garage doors than just your typical long panel and short panel designs. You can now opt for a bead-board design, flush panel, recessed panel, raised panel and ribbed panel garage door styles that allow you numerous options to make your home stand out from the rest.


No matter what design you choose, our traditional steel garage doors are sure to give you many years of low-maintenance use, safety features that protect you and your family, and the added value of knowing RW Garage Doors is here to assist you with all your garage door needs.

Long Panel

Short Panel

Long Panel Bead Board

Short Panel Bead Board

Ribbed Panel

Flush Panel

Recessed Panel

Raised Panel

Premium Traditional Steel Garage Doors

Classica Collection


Our premium traditional steel garage doors start with our Amarr Classica collection. Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, it's durable, low-maintenance steel. Authentic carriage house looks, modern functionality to complement your home’s exterior. The Amarr Classica collection of garage doors is able to deliver a high end design at a fraction of the cost.


R-Value: 6.64 - 13.35

Maintenance: Low

Safety: High

Warranty: Lifetime








Coastal Collection


Our premium traditional steel garage doors continue with our Amarr Coastal collection. Rust-resistant vinyl doors available in carriage house and traditional designs. Resilient vinyl construction seals out the elements for years of maintenance-free performance. The Amarr Coastal collection of garage doors is a wise investment with protection from the natural elements in mind and a style that rivals high end garage doors.


R-Value: 8.16

Maintenance: Low

Safety: Medium

Warranty: 1 Year (Door)











Nantucket Arched

Modern Steel Garage Doors | Overview

Simple. Clean. Modern.

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Modern steel garage doors are a blend of traditional steel garage door construction with the contemporary full-view glass garage door design. This combination creates a perfect marriage of modern function and style without a high-end garage door ticket. With many different platforms to choose from and dozens of window design options, you will be able to build the perfect modern door to update your home.


No matter what design you choose, our modern steel garage doors are sure to give you many years of low-maintenance use, safety features that protect you and your family, and the added value of knowing RW Garage Doors is here to assist you with all your garage door needs.

Base Platforms | Every modern steel garage door starts out with one of these four base platforms.

Ribbed Panel Platform

Flush Panel Platform

Short Panel Platform

Long Panel Platform

Window Design | Once you've chosen your base platform, the next step is to choose your window layout.


Please note: The short panel platform will accept short panel window layouts. The long panel platform will accept long panel window layouts. The ribbed and flush panel platforms can accept both short and long panel window layout designs, making them the most customizable modern steel garage platform.

Popular Window Layouts

Long Panel Platform

Short Panel Platform

Left Justified

Right Justified

Left Justified

Right Justified

Flush Panel Platform

Ribbed Panel Platform

Left Justified

Right Justified

Left Justified

Right Justified

More Window Layouts

Modern Glass Garage Doors | Overview

Light. Modern. Ultra-Cool.

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Modern glass garage doors are becoming the hottest doors on the market for good reason. With the transition to green and efficient living, many homeowners are finding that the modern glass garage door is a perfect blend of modern design, aesthetics and functional efficiency. The full view glass options are numerous and can allow 100% light in with clear glass, or partial lighting with the different glass types and tint options.


Any glass garage door will create a warm, airy and inviting space. Not only are they being installed on garage doors, but homeowners and businesses alike are implementing its functional use in their main living areas as the portal between indoor and outdoor living.

Amarr Vista Collection


These modern, sleek garage doors perfectly mirror the clean lines and glass expanses of your home’s contemporary design. Available in a variety of glass options and frame colors.


R-Value: N/A       Maintenance: Low       Safety: Medium       Warranty: 5 Years

8 of 32 Frame Color Options!

Martin Athena Collection


The modern design of glass allows natural light while providing you with security and privacy. Beauty and elegance are at your fingertips. The Athena model uses a contemporary combination of heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel metal with glass panels to create a stunning and unique handcrafted piece for your home.



R-Value: N/A

Maintenance: Low

Safety: Medium

Warranty: Lifetime

*Choose over 90 custom colors and give your glass garage door added character with smooth aluminum, embossed steel, smooth steel, or steel wood grain textures, to make it one of a kind.

RW Custom Wood Garage Doors | Overview

We Handcraft Your Imagination.

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Our custom wood garage doors are meticulously handcrafted, giving you the highest quality custom wood garage door on the market. Like fine furniture, our custom wood garage doors give your home the ultimate curb appeal, a high-end fit and finish, all while increasing your home value. Our wood doors are manufactured by hand in our Vacaville, California manufacturing facility by master wood craftsmen. Each piece of wood used in the build process is taken through an atmosphere acclimation process that prevents future warping, splitting, cracking and bending.


If you desire a garage door that is fully customizable, built specifically for your application, and has no competition, you've just found it.

Premium Custom Wood Garage Doors


Premium wood garage doors built to order. It doesn't get better than this. Our handcrafted wood garage doors are the cream of the crop in the garage door industry. You can see them in almost every city in the Bay Area and on almost any home. No matter the style, or size of your home, custom wood garage doors maximizes your curb appeal like no other door on the market.


Available in 3 build option, 6 base design platforms, numerous window layouts, and over a dozen stain colors.

Download Custom Wood Design Catalog

Custom Wood Garage Door Styles


Customize our six base design platforms with dozens of window options, stain colors and additional overlay options...or submit your own!





Vineyard French

Country Design

Spanish Mediterranean Design





Swing Carriage Garage Doors | Overview

Old World Charm. New World Technology.

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Our traditional swing carriage garage doors are built with today's technology, yet still retains the old world charm. We build our swing carriage garage doors using the time tested mortise and tenon with stile and rail construction and add in several other in-house manufacturing standards to increase the doors longevity, functionality and durability. All traditional swing carriage doors are manufactured locally in our Bay Area manufacturing facility.


When a traditional overhead garage door doesn't seem to fit the look and style of your home, or if you simply want the traditional functionality and operation of a swing carriage garage door, you've come to the right place. Our traditional swing doors can be seen throughout the Bay Area.

Swing Carriage Garage Doors


Our swing carriage garage doors are built with the highest build standards that have been time tested and proven. We then add structural features and framing to give added strength when the door is swinging open. Our swing doors are built buy master wood craftsmen. Their quality is unmatched and since you are buying direct from us (the manufacturer), there are many ways to customize the door to your liking.


Would you like to automate your swing carriage garage door and be able to open and close it just like an overhead garage door? We can install the door with an automatic opener designed specifically for swing carriage garage doors. There's no need to have coachmen anymore :)

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