5 Common Garage Door Issues

(Can I fix it myself or should I call a technician?) Our trusty garage doors will break over time. But before we do anything with the mechanical parts of our garage doors, it is important to clean the door and its surroundings first. Clean and remove obstructions such as twigs, dirt, dust, etc.Inspect the wiring […]

How To Repair Garage Door Springs

Lots of things can go wrong with a garage door, and most are easy to fix. But problems involving the garage door tension spring are more serious. The garage door tension springs provide a lifting force for the heavy door and are under tremendous tension. This might injure you if you’re not careful. Replacing Torsion […]

8 Garage Door Styles to Fit Your Home

Let’s face it: if your house has an attached garage that faces the street, people will undoubtedly notice your large garage door as they pass by or pull up to the driveway. As a result, while thinking about getting a new garage door or replacing an old one, you need make a conscious decision. Certain […]